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Our mission is to make real estate transactions simple and enjoyable.

We believe the impact our hard work has on local communities is far reaching and not limited to the present moment.

We have nearly a decade of experience in purchasing residential properties and offering fast and easy solutions for homeowners that are considering selling a property. Simple Sale Home Buyers is committed to providing professional services when dealing with our clients and partners.

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What Our clients say

"I inherited a property(out of state) and it turned out to be more of a burden than blessing at first. Simple Sale Home Buyers helped with the process of getting property ready to sell and bought the property soon as it was ready. I believe today I would still be figuring out first steps if it was not for the expertise of this company. Would recommend to anybody in the same situation."
Glen K
"I was skeptical at first with selling my home to investors. Getting over the initial skepticism was the most difficult part of the process. Turned out to be the easiest sale of property I have ever experienced!"
Todd S.

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